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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1208109172512610352629454208*Ali KhanKilburn2017/2018B1 Grade1 2Para Hills
2169154789112610352627516169Hussain RezaeeKilburn2017/2018C2 Grade1 1Port Districts
3134107114212610352629500134Irfan RazaKilburn2017/2018B1 Grade9 1Adelaide Lutheran
4105109172512610352629476105Ali KhanKilburn2017/2018B1 Grade5 1Brighton
59410917251261035262946394Ali KhanKilburn2017/2018B1 Grade3 2Grange
68515478911261035262752585Hussain RezaeeKilburn2017/2018C2 Grade2 1Pooraka
78410711421261035262949584Irfan RazaKilburn2017/2018B1 Grade8 1Prince Alfred Old Collegians
88015621101261035262755480Ibrar H ArbabKilburn2017/2018C2 Grade7 1Marion
97410711421261035283786774Irfan RazaKilburn2017/2018City Holden Smash T20 Finals Div 2GF 1ICCSA
107110711421261035262950571Irfan RazaKilburn2017/2018B1 Grade10 1Goodwood
116610711421261035262948966Irfan RazaKilburn2017/2018B1 Grade7 1St Peters Old Collegians
125916956431261035262752959Mula HassainKilburn2017/2018C2 Grade3 1Ingle Farm District
135816956431261035268810858Mula HassainKilburn (2)2017/2018City Holden Smash Div 3 Group 13 1Athelstone (1)
14568452061261035262948956Sayed KazimiKilburn2017/2018B1 Grade7 1St Peters Old Collegians
155415478981261035262951354Asghar AliKilburn2017/2018B1 Grade11 1Modbury
165410711421261035283786354Irfan RazaKilburn2017/2018City Holden Smash T20 Finals Div 2SF 1Old Ignatians
175210711421261035268795652Irfan RazaKilburn2017/2018City Holden Smash Div 2 Group 42 1ICCSA
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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